Yesterday’s News 

On January 30th, countries began imposing travel restrictions on passengers from China, and neighboring countries closed their borders to prevent the spread of the recently discovered coronavirus. What initially appeared as a local virus became a global pandemic. By May 12, 72% of all countries had closed their borders. But by then it was too late, the virus had spread around the world, affecting relationships, travel, the global economy and everything that had previously been considered normal. While the closure of borders is not a new phenomenon, it has never been experienced on a global scale as it was in 2020. 

Yesterday's News is a printed dialogue in the form of a newspaper between three perspectives on borders within the pandemic context. First, a 158-day collection of newspaper headlines from 15 sources in 3 languages; second, 8 stories from stranded people around the world that present a closer look at an intimate reality of everyday borders, and third, actual 2020 newspapers from 7 different countries that work as a subcutaneous layer overprinted with screen print in an effort to document the events of 2020. The project aims to rescue and expose one topic – the borders – from the everyday news and bring it together with traces left by the 2020 events. 
Graphic Design

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