1990. Bogotá, Colombia

Artist by degree, graphic designer by practice, illustration enthusiast, risography devotee with a never-ending-crush in print.

I am a visual artist focusing on risography, image making and print. I work in a varied range of formats, from visuals for magazines, events and artists to illustration and collage. Furthermore, I run a small risography studio, where I conduct workshops, do collaborative projects, and delve into personal artwork. I am interested in the intersection of art and design and the production, re-production and creation of images with digital and analog techniques. 

My practice has never made put me into one specific box, but rather has taken me to constantly look for different tools to respond to different needs. Nevertheless, print has been the backbone of everything I do. From working as an editorial designer for independent projects to creating and printing my own illustrations. 

2013 B.A. Design (emphasis in Communication), Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá.
2015 B.A. Fine Arts (emphasis in drawing). Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá.
2021 M.A. Visual Communication, University of the Arts, Berlin.

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→ hola@julianatoro.com


I also run a small risography practice based in Berlin called Las Delicias 


In case I don’t see you good evening and good night. hola@julianatoro.com@na___toro