The Drift

The Drift is a New York-based magazine about culture and politics. I have had the pleasure of creating for more than five editions of artwork to accompany and illustrate their texts. Here are my favorites. 
Art directed by John Kazior
Edited by Kiara Barrow and Rebecca Panovka
1. On Snowfall by Joanna Klink.
2. Californian by S. Brook Corfman.
3. Latent Heat by Gospel Chinedu.
4. The Fool by Emily Skillings.
5. Everything has changed by Jake Bittle.
6. Against Queer Presentism by Colton Valentine.
7. Grief by Harmony Holiday.
8. Heartbreaking, Breathtaking by Rigel Portales.
9. Moments of Elevation by Eliza Barry Callahan.

In case I don’t see you good evening and good night.