Riso Prints 

Risography has evolved into my preferred medium, serving as both my creative language and playground. Since embracing this printing technique wholeheartedly, my artistic style have naturally gravitated towards the unique aesthetic of it.

In my visual explorations, I delve into the possibilities of expressing movement, flow, space and the human body. By using superpositions, transparencies and textures, I explore and push the possibilities of the technique. 

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1. Cosmic Insignificance: Cells
2. Cosmic Insignificance: Space
3. Cosmic Insignificance: Ocean
4. Body as a Space
5. Comes in Waves
6. Temporary Choreography
7. Liquid & Flow
8. Slowdown
9. Time without Time
10. Papa’s drawings
11. Drip Drop

In case I don’t see you good evening and good night. hola@julianatoro.com@na___toro