Posters1. Zero. Theater Play directed by Lara Kaiser and Clara Fee Stürzl for the Ernst Busch Bühne in Berlin. 2023
2. Romperayo. Concert in a Secret Location in Berlin. 2022
3. Mercado de Saberes. Gathering for the South American Regional Group from the Freie Universität Berlin and the German Society for Social and Culture Anthropology. 2021
4-6. Against Diskrimination UdK. Association against any form of discrimination in the University of the Arts in Berlin. 2022
7. Gone Fishing. Poster accompanying the book launch of the cookbook by Jorgen Smidstrup from the Lower East Lab in Berlin. 2017
8. Quid Pro Quo. Wedding invitation to an unconventional ceremony celebrating weirdness, love and theater. 
9. Summer University UdK. Proposal for the Summer University from the University of the Arts. 2019
10. Hambre y Sed. Poster for the book launch of “Hambre y Sed” by Camilo Casallas. A short-story book reflecting on the socio-political context of Colombia through food and eating manners. 
Graphic Design

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