Fehler Aufgetreten

Paper installation that delves into the intricate frustrations of human-machine interaction. Stemming from a collection of screenshots depicting computer crashes, program failures, and incomplete actions, the installation explores failure, dissatisfaction, and the inherent impossibilities that arise when engaging with machines.

The compilation of errors serves as an archive of everyday attempts and everyday mini-failures, drawing attention to the unexpected obstacles that disrupt our navigation through the digital landscape.

By exaggerating digital malfunctions and system limitations and transforming them into delicate paper structures, the installation sheds light on the fallibility of technology. It offers a glimpse into the ever-growing yet fragile relationship between human expectations and computational capacity.

Fehler Aufgetreten was exhibited from the 20th of June until the 15th of July in 11m3 Projektraum in Weimar, Germany
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1. Window Display
2-7. Installation Details
8-11. Take away posters

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